Booking Terms and Conditions

The final price of a trip is always calculated at the end of the trip based on the quotation received from us.

If your quotation is based on a transfer including stops, should you decide to forgo the stops, the cost of your transfer will need to be recalculated as transfers with stops have been discounted.

Restaurants and wineries are paid directly to the establishments by the customer and are not included in the trip price.

At San Giorgio NCC, we finalize our bookings with wineries and restaurants in-between 3 and 4 weeks prior to the booking date. As the majority of the wineries and restaurants don’t require a deposit from us, we cannot book earlier than that. If you wish to book earlier, you are more than welcome to book directly with the wineries and confirm to us. On occasion, some of the premises require a pre-payment to secure the booking. When this occurs, we will send you a link to secure the booking directly.

Should there be any changes to the proposed itinerary caused by unavailability of the proposed premises, we will let you know prior to the trip and suggest an alternative option.

San Giorgio NCC does not require a deposit for your booking, however if cancellation occurs less than 72 hours prior to the starting time of the trip, we require 50% payment of the 6-hour quotation and if cancellation is in the last 24 hours from the starting time of the trip, we require full payment. As we don’t want to store credit card details of our customers, this payment is done on an honour basis.